I’ve been involved with computers since 1978, though the brunt of my knowledge has been gained over the past twenty or so years. I was introduced to computers by my ninth grade algebra teacher and never let go. For all of that, I still can’t program my way out of a paper bag (haha). That being said …

I’m fluent in most PC / workstation hardware, SOHO networking, and a lot of Windows (Windows 95 – Present). I have functional knowledge of Linux systems, plus some OSX, and by default of those, some UNIX capabilities as well. All of the systems I use (desktops and servers) have primarily been built by myself and employ a mixture of Linux, Windows and Mac systems. Nerd at heart, all that kind of philosophy.

A few years ago, I undertook martial arts and in December 2014, I tested for and achieved my first dan (first degree black belt) ranking in Tae Kwon Do through Personal Mastery Martial Arts (PMMA) and am now working towards my second dan as well as working towards my first belt level in tactical training (also through PMMA). There’s about a fifty percent completion rate in a person achieving their first degree black belt in a martial art. The same commitment to completion of this is relayed to all of my clients as I help them resolve their issues, be they actual system problems or just q&a time regarding upcoming changes and or needs. I feel a need to leave this section alone, rather than update .. those update are in the following section.

I’m currently now working towards my 3rd Dan ranking (3rd degree black belt) and have my 4th dan level also in my sights and have additionally completed all 3 levels of available tactical training. As always, these same commitments I made towards my training carry across to how I assist my clients.

If I can’t fix it, I generally will not charge for a repair. I will give any available options to complete the task at hand in not just a timely manner, but in a cost effective manner as well. Frequently, I will take age of a machine into consideration before starting a repair, as at times, it can be worthwhile to use what was going to be spent on a repair as a method to offset the price of a replacement machine (please see “Custom Systems” in the Services menu).


Caught between my boys .. lol!