Video Card Strangeness

I was asked to upgrade a system in order to be able to add a third monitor. The system, an older Dell Inspiron 620, would need  a new video card, power supply to power the card and the assorted cables. Those were ordered and installed, but on power up there was nothing but a black screen.

As it turns out, most cards now don’t support operation in a legacy bios, but rather require being installed in a machine with a UEFI bios (what is now industry standard). Previously, cards were shipped with dual capability (legacy and UEFI) so this was never an issue.

Learning something new every day.

IE 8,9, and 10 .. down for the count

Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, Any remaining security holes will not be fixed. Windows 7 users should update to Internet Explorer 11 and users of older operating systems should look at overall system upgrade / replacement, or at the very least, switch to an alternative browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera).

One of the benefits

I take data loss pretty seriously. While I don’t guarantee that data will be saved, I always attempt to save or rescue data.

Too often, I seen repair services who don’t make reasonable attempts to preserve data prior to doing something that may result in data loss. That is not how I operate. If I have to perform a repair that could potentially result in loss of data, I will image (make a complete copy) of your drive that can be placed back on any drive as needed or in the event of being unable to create an image of your drive, will make every effort to copy data files directly.

While backup attempts aren’t always successful, they are an integral part of the service you receive from me.

Have a GREAT day!!

Such a basic site

Always simple, no annoying autoplay videos, music, or ads. Some things should remain easy. Asking for help should never be hard and finding out how to access that help should be just as easy.

The above phone number is a Google Voice number. It’s been set to ring through to all of my phones. Never hesitate to leave a message if I don’t answer, I will get back with you as soon as I am able.