Custom Systems

My goal isn’t to build PC’s. That said, I will build PC’s upon request.

If I suggested replacing a machine based on age and cost of repair, I am not suggesting that I build a machine for you, though that will always remain an option. I’m just as likely to do the legwork, or fingertip work as it is, and try to locate something that will meet your needs from one of the major manufacturers (HP/Compaq, Dell, etc), at which point I will take care of your data transfer, initial system cleanup, etc.

A custom PC generally gets you a machine that’s more tailored to your specific needs. If you need more data storage and don’t play video games, I use a less costly video card in order to be apply money for your build towards a larger amount of storage.

Any machine I build will have a one year warranty attached, but warranty replacement of parts happens at the speed of replacement from the part manufacturer. Other than optical drives (DVD, Bluray) parts have manufacturer warranties of at least one year.

Pricing and general build info

  • ALL custom built machines require a 50% deposit. If you cancel the order, you will be liable for 25% of the total build cost and will only receive a refund of 1/2 of your original deposit.
  • All custom built machines have a two hour labor charge applied at current billing rates. This does not include any data transfer or additional software installations (Office, etc) beyond the initial configuration and utility software (web browsers, itunes, etc).(
  • Systems do not include monitors, keyboards, mice, or speakers unless specifically requested.

As you probably noticed in the pricing section, I don’t list a specific price for a system. I don’t have set model numbers, each machine is built from individually chosen parts and as such, the prices vary from build to build. That said, if I quote you a price, understand that parts prices fluctuate and your cost can vary in either direction. If the price has increased, I will notify you that there is an increase and verify if you still want to continue.

I don’t markup the cost of an operating system (OS) when I purchase it. Whatever I pay for the operating system is what you pay for the operating system.

The two hour build fee is mandatory. If you watch a full build from beginning to end, plus utility software installation and system testing, there is a lot more time involved than the two hours.