Q – How did you come up with the name Blue Frog Computer Services?
A – LOL .. I originally wanted to be Silicon Toad, but I had this nagging feeling I’d heard the name before … Look at theĀ Members section. No, I am not a hacker, I’ve just read a lot.
Q – “Can you help me set up my …”
A – Most likely I can. I specialize in computer related things, but I’m pretty fluent in a lot of other electronic devices as well.
Q – My computer died at 2AM!
A – Did you remember to call me and at least leave a message if I didn’t answer? If it’s truly an emergency, I’m on my way. My rates don’t change.
Q – Why do you charge for travel time on out of area calls?
A – It generally covers the cost of gas. Depending on the repair needs, I may choose to waive the travel charges. For destinations that are severely out of area, if a few people would like to use my services (ask your friends) and I can get enough repair time, I will waive the fees as well.